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Short Wool Lice Tool

Short Wool Lice Tool


This program helps to assess whether sheep should be treated after shearing. It estimates the probability that the flock is infested with lice at shearing by separately estimating the risk that:

  • lice were present at the last shearing but were not eradicated
  • lice entered with purchased rams, ewes or other stock
  • lice entered on stray sheep

For some screens you can indicate in the first question that there are no relevant sheep in that category and skip further questions on that screen

Click on the Start button below to begin, then use the Next button to proceed through the stages. Should you wish to change any options chosen in previous stages then use the Back button to step backwards and modify your selections.




Regional Lice Prevalence


Time since last treatment

Long wool lice treatments

Have you seen lice in these sheep?

Any signs of rubbing

You can check rubbing with the Rubbing Tool


Lice present at last shearing?

Treatment values

Studies have shown that overall, any particular treatment on-farm, applied by the 'average' wool producer has a 65% chance of eradicating lice. Obviously this varies greatly between producers, with the type of treatment, and the standard of application. You can use this probability or obtain a more precise estimate applicable to your property by using the Treatment Factors Tool then entering the results here.

New Rams

New Ewes

New Others

Strays No Lice

Strays Unknown

Strays Lousy