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Who is LiceBoss

Who is LiceBoss?

In 2014 FlyBoss became part of the ParaBoss suite of products.

In this post-Sheep CRC phase, FlyBoss (also WormBoss and LiceBoss) is funded by Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia, and is managed by the University of New England.


LiceBoss was developed by Australian Wool Innovation

The team responsible for the development and subsequent update of LiceBoss includes:

Peter James, QAAFI, University of Queensland

Brian Horton, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania

Gary Levot, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Jenny Cotter and Di Evans, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

Dr Jane LittleJohn, Australian Wool Innovation

Deborah Maxwell and Janelle Holzberger, Sheep CRC Ltd

Website construction and development was by Graeme Wright, Wrightway Design, Uralla

Noel Campbell, Veterinary Parasitologist, Victoria

Many wool producers, consultants, advisers and animal health company representatives who generously provided time to assist in testing and providing feedback during development of LiceBoss. Their critical input and valuable comments are gratefully acknowledged.